Odessa festival orchestra

the next generation music collective

The Odessa Festival Orchestra was created to build on the legendary musical foundation of the city of Odessa - the birthplace of Oistrakh, Gilels, Richter, Gershwin, Milstein, Akhmatova, Babel... The list of incredible talent that emerged from this little port town is endless.

A group of young visionary musicians linked to Odessa bound by a common goal; to make music together on the highest artistic level in order to inspire others.


Fresh creativity, awakened senses



Remember what it was like to play as a child? That is how our artists ‘play’ on their instruments! Bold emotions, poignant interpretation propelled by dynamic energy are the signature of our sound. We aim to bridge the stage and audience divide by creating an inclusive and relaxed atmosphere; experimenting with techniques such as mood lighting and cross-arts performance.



Lead by Odessa-born conductor Vladimir Fanshil and international concertmaster Yevgeniy Kostrytskyy, the orchestra is a collective of energetic musicians who are united by a desire to communicate at the deepest level. The orchestra is joined by world-class soloists who on their search for a sensitive partner find their dream match with the Odessa Festival Orchestra.



A three day interactive festival of music, poetry, philosophy, food and drink to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the composer’s birth. The city of Odessa will experience the essence of Beethoven’s time in every sensory aspect of this great pioneer.

Showcasing symphonic works, piano sonatas, chamber music and his epic ninth symphony as the closing of the three day Beethoven immersion.

Meet and discuss ideas at the Festival Headquarters, a pop up ‘kaffeehaus’ serving third-wave coffee (62 beans, as Beethoven himself counted every morning) and displaying an art exhibition from local artists.

Venues for the festival include the Philharmonic Hall, the Odessa Opera House, the Port of Odessa just to name a few…



Orchestra Director:

Mag. Susanne Grainer

Custozzagasse 8/2a

1030 Wien



Tel: +43 664 372 3993 (Mo-Fr, 09:00 - 18:00)

E-Mail: office@polarisartists.at

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